noun: rhythm; plural noun: rhythms
1. the systematic arrangement of musical sounds, principally according to duration and periodic stress.

Curriculum Vita / Resume / Bio

Douglas Cardwell employs his passion and experience to inform a unique curriculum for students and instructors at Douglas Cardwell Percussion Studio. Much like language, drumming is a method of communication. The language of drumming can be heard, felt and spoken. Douglas Cardwell Percussion Studio provides its students with the fundamental tools they will need to become fluent drummers through auditory analysis, critical thinking, comprehension and meaningful repetition. At DCPS, it is our philosophy to ensure that every student finds ways to comprehend “how” they best learn to drum and problem solve while enjoying their own creative growth. We have witnessed the efficacy of these methods and skills as they translate into the traditional classroom and real world settings over the past twenty-five years of Douglas Cardwell’s personal and professional journey.

Douglas Cardwell combined the gift of his prolific music career and his passion for education for the advent of Douglas Cardwell Percussion Studio; where excellence is just the beginning. Students from novice to master level are rewarded for dedicated attention to the Douglas Cardwell Percussion Studio curriculum. At DC Percussion Studio, students thrive under the instruction of either Douglas himself, or one of the amazingly talented associate professional instructors. DC Percussion Studio is available to provide inspired private lessons, school lectures and performances.


“The world is rhythmic, enjoy and embrace; dance with life.”

– Douglas Cardwell



Alliance of Black Orchestral Percussionists